So, you have decided to update your worn-out sofa or to take on revamping your bedroom and are ready to make your interior design purchases. But where to start? The best way to start is to contact commercial flooring contractors for them to help you to spare your floors from the scratches that might occur when you suddenly move your furniture. 

Now, to ensure that you can save your money, you should know when is the best time to buy new furniture. Here’s some guidelines you can follow:

Furniture Buying Tips You Need To Know

Buying Furniture Online

If you plan to buy new furniture online, you must highlight sales on your calendar. Subscribe to newsletters and notifications of your favorite stores so you don’t miss upcoming sales. The best sales are usually on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and July 4th. With online options, double-check the size and color of your item. You can save yourself the time and energy of making returns or exchanges by confirming measurements before purchasing. It’s also important to always check the samples of fabric before ordering customized pieces since most can’t be canceled or returned.

What to focus on buying furniture in certain rooms at certain times of year

Holidays tend to inspire people to make furniture purchases to get ready for guests and festivities. Sofas and dining tables are usually purchased for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Likewise, bedroom furniture is shopped for guest rooms when family and friends come to stay during that time of year.

So to ensure that these items are delivered on time, the best time to buy furniture for the holidays is September or sooner. Custom made items often need buffer time for delays especially when there is a high volume of orders.

Best time to Buy Indoor Furnitures:

 Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is your sanctuary so it’s important to shop around for pieces that feel just right. Look to February for the best time to buy bedroom furniture. New bedroom collections make their debuts in the spring which means there are discounts on floor models. Reductions on these can be anywhere from 30-60%. 

Living Room Furniture

The living room is likely the most used room in a home with the most furnishing potential. With big-ticket items like sofas, armchairs, and consoles, it’s important to take your time, looking at multiple stores. Midsummer is one of the best times to buy furniture for your living room. Begin looking in July right before the second wave of new inventory arrives in the year. Retailers start reducing the prices of existing sofas to clear out the older models. September is also an ideal month for living room furniture shopping. With the holiday season around the corner, consumers are ready for more use in this area of the house. Retailers meet increased demand by offering promotions on sleeper sofas and sectionals. 

Kitchen/Dining Room Furniture

Labor Day which falls on the first Monday of September is a great furniture sale weekend to shop for dining room and kitchen pieces. There are reduced prices on dining room sets to gear up for the holiday season with festivities centering around the family table. Long weekend sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also great to buy kitchen appliances. Often, you can find great deals saving up to 50% on refrigerators, microwaves, and washers and dryers. 

Office Furniture

There are a couple of times that are best for buying office furniture in particular. Once taxes are filed in April, it is an optimal month to look for deals to update your office needs. Not a good time? Consider August/September as well for price drops in back-to-school shopping which includes items for your work or home office. And, if you wait until the rush is over at the end of September, you’ll likely find big sales on overstocks and floor models. 

Best time to Buy for Outdoor Furniture

As for outdoor furniture, the best sales are in the summer, between the Fourth of July and Labor Day. Mid-March is when new outdoor furniture usually hits retail floors and stores are looking to clear out their stock by August. Sometimes the selection changes or disappears by late July and early August. So even if Labor Day sales often discount outdoor furniture, the ones you initially had your eye on may be gone at that time.

Best Time To Buy Used Furniture

The best time to buy furniture is not exclusive to new furniture alone. Hunting for used pieces in consignment, antique and thrift stores is optimal in January and July. Whether it’s the moment for a New Year’s resolution of decluttering or it’s moving season after the school year, these times of year have an increase in inventory for used furniture shops. Flea markets, garage sales, and estate sales, though, pop up year-round and are worth a look for needed pieces. Prices aren’t firm so get your negotiating hat on!

Now, tips and guidelines are given to you to help you decide the perfect time when to purchase your furniture. You can actually try and you don’t have to worry about losing something as long as you know how to buy wisely. Remember that it’s always up to your style on what furniture you should buy so you better trust your home decor eye as well so it’ll be a win-win for you!