Even when a space is small, there are many who would want to decorate their space. Redecorating can be a big challenge; especially if it’s your first time tackling a kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom makeover. The puzzle gets even more complex when you start to mix multiple styles, like blending beach house with Boho style, or incorporating rustic touches into a modern, contemporary space. 

No matter which styles you’d like to combine, following some simple rules can help you pull off a flawless look of your space. This would also mean to pick the perfect floor that could harmonize any style that you want. There are a lot of flooring contractors in Surprise AZ that can assist in achieving your goal. 

With this, we’ve compiled a few useful design “do’s” and “don’ts” to help inspire you and get you started. As long as you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way toward mixing interior design styles successfully!

Can You Mix Interior Design and Furniture Styles?

Homeowners often ask us about mixing furniture styles and other elements of design. They frequently hear questions like, “Can you mix interior design styles, even if they look very different?” or, “Can you mix different furniture styles in your living room?” 

The short answer to both questions is, of course! But be careful in jumbling up design styles that might lead to chaos fast, unless you have a strategy. To keep your vision on track, follow the tips below. 

Tip #1: Choose Two Themes

When you’re working on an interior design project, it’s always smart to come armed with a plan. Before you start shopping for wallpapers and furniture’s, the first step is to clearly identify the two styles or themes that you like to combine. Some examples of popular design styles include: 

Beach house and coastal styles

Nordic (Scandinavian) design styles

Rustic and cabin-inspired styles

Traditional styles

Tip #2: (Don’t) Go Against the Grain

It’s difficult not to love hardwood, but there are many styles that can start a clash, creating a visual confusion. If you really like to have multiple types of wood furniture in a single space — especially in a room that has wooden floors — try creating a theme or pattern that helps tie individual elements together. For example, you can try repainting old wooden furniture, or applying a stain so that your color palette looks more cohesive. 

You should also think carefully regarding how the new colors may possibly blend with the existing scheme in the rest of your home. To make it easier for you to choose a color scheme for your home, you can actually find a palette of colors that you really love. Don’t forget about incorporating pastel colors as well.

Tip #3: Make a Statement

When you start to mix and match multiple styles, it’s almost inevitable that certain items, possibly even a few that you love will stick out as “off-theme.” Make that something to celebrate! The black sheep of your furniture collection can also be its star, becoming the focal point for the entire room. 

No matter what kind of decors you have, you can choose one or two items to highlight as statement pieces. You can place them in a prominent position that can draw attention with light, or can simply let them speak for themselves!

There are countless ways to mix and match the elements of interior design, creating endless variety that’s as unique as you are. It always ends up on how you would want others to see your fascinating decoration styles.