With all the different flooring options available, hardwood flooring may seem like an expensive option. However, hardwood flooring remains the best choice in having a space that is safe and clean with low maintenance.

I bet everyone is looking forward to how hardwood flooring can surprisingly create captivating patterns and add even more detailed structure to your amazing house. Even flooring companies in Surprise AZ would recommend hardwood flooring. It fits, whether you put it on your kitchen floors or one of your kids’ rooms. Place it because it’s safe and has always been a healthy option. 

When you consider the overall life of a hardwood floor, the benefits of wood flooring outweigh the initial cost. Hardwood flooring is always a beautiful option for a home, and it should be your top priority. It’s timeless yet trendy, and if you invest in a higher-quality variant for your home, it can last a lifetime. 

Environmentally Friendly

Since the demand for ecologically friendly flooring solutions is increasing, more manufacturers are adopting eco-conscious and greener options for making their planks. There are plenty of possibilities, thankfully! Natural sealants are growing more widespread than polyurethane sealants. There are various wood types that are readily regenerative, such as cork and bamboo.

Wider Planks

The last decade saw an increase in width for flooring trends. Wide hardwood can go up to twelve inches wide. The final look of it can make a room feel grand in scale. The reason wide planks are becoming more popular is that it makes the room look much more spacious and opens up opportunities to appreciate natural grain patterns. Its soft materials make it comfortable and warm under bare feet.

Air Quality

While many think of eco-friendly as good for the world, consumers are becoming much more informed on the effects of formaldehyde and VOCs in homes. Look for Green Guard certification, Carb 2 compliance, and even special air-purifying finishes. Healthy choices for families with pets with young children are especially important. 

Earth Tones

For a timeless look, the earth tones will be the best bet. This is one of the more popular color choices for hardwood this year because of its simplicity and elegance. Adding whitewash to wood grains of a natural earth tone is a great way to introduce more neutral colors. Enhanced color treatments are typically offered at a higher price tag. However, the final look of it is stunning and can be worth the investment.

Safe & Clean

One of the biggest advantages of hardwood floors is that hardwood flooring is a more sanitary option than other floor types. When thinking about carpet vs. hardwood, a good amount of dust, germs, and other debris get absorbed into the carpet fibers. With hardwood flooring, there is no place for debris to hide, making for a healthier, safer living environment, especially for allergy sufferers.


Another advantage of hardwood floors is the environmental factor. Wood flooring is the most abundantly renewable flooring material available. The annual net growth for hardwoods is greater than the average annual removal rate. This means that trees are growing faster than they are being used today.

Wood floors also use less water and energy to produce and can be recycled at the end of their life cycle, making them an extremely sustainable product. Considering the differences in producing carpet vs. hardwood, carpet uses more synthetic materials to produce and is treated with more chemicals than hardwood. Also, hardwood not only brings beauty and value to a home, but it can truly last a lifetime while carpet needs to be replaced every 10-15 years.