Based on the definition, an area rug takes up much more space than a regular rug that you put right on your doorstep. Area rugs are floor coverings that are used to a finished flooring surface. When choosing an area rug, it could be a focal point of a room or a softer contrast to a hardwood floor. In this line, it’s also important to pick the best hardwood floor where you want to put an area rug. In GCS Flooring Company, they make sure you get the perfect floor that will easily get you a matching area rug that is good to look at in your room.

Thus, it’s only natural to set more time in picking out an area rug rather than simply catching a glance in a store at one with a fun saying or eye-catching pattern like you might with an accent rug. An area rug should work hand-in-hand with a room, regardless of whether it’s complementary or dominant. It should have a way in harmonizing all the fundamentals of a room.

Pick the Room

The first question about this is — which room even needs an area rug?

Well actually, it could be in any rooms!

An area rug can provide a soft, warm contrast with a hardwood living room floor. It can also make a room feel cozier or more cavernous, depending on the color. It may also help you cover up a damaged floor but you really need to let it fixed.

Picking up the Style

If you want an area rug that is attractive to a room that has solid-colored furniture, a patterned or floral print is the answer. But don’t obscure a rug that has a design with large pieces of furniture, negating its impact.

If you’re going more for comfort or practicality in an entrance or hallway, a more subdued area rug is just the touch.

Pick the Shape

There are many shapes of rug that you can play around with. Pair a narrow rug with a long table to create a layer of symmetry in the dining room. Likewise, a round area rug fits well in a large bathroom, playing off the bathtub, shower or sink. You can choose any shape of area rug in the center of your living room or under your coffee table.

Go Big!
Above all: Go big! The area rug should take up most of the floor, leaving about one to two feet between the edge of the rug and the walls. Even if it isn’t a room’s feature attraction from a visual standpoint, it’s better for an area rug to go too big than too small.